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EUR transfers to VISA cards


Dear Clients! We are glad to inform you about the resumption of transfers in EUR to VISA cards! List of available countries for transfer to VISA/MasterCard: VISA: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova,…

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Exchange for cards of Uzbekistan


Dear Clients! We are pleased to inform you about the addition of exchange directions for UZCARD, HUMO cards in UZS currency. Now, more than 50 withdrawal directions from cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and payment systems are available for you in automatic mode 24/7! RM

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Resumption of transfers to EUR cards


Dear Clients! We are glad to announce the resumption of directions for exchanging for EUR Bank Cards issued by the MasterCard PS! List of available countries where you can send funds: Azerbaijan, India, Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania, Luxembourg,…

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0% commission for WhiteBit code exchange


Dear Clients! We are glad to announce the addition of a new exchange direction, and we have prepared a special offer for you! Withdraw UAH to your UAH card issued by a Ukrainian bank with 0% commission – until the end of May 2022! Also,…

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We will support the Ukrainian Army!


We will support the Ukrainian Army! We have placed a button with a link to the official website of the National Bank of Ukraine with bank details and the form of payment through bank cards to raise funds for the army (in the upper left…

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Приостановление работы с рублем и резидентами РФ и РБ.


24 Февраля 2022 года Армия Российской Федерации при содействии с Республикой Беларусь – произвела военное вторжение на территорию суверенного государства – Украины. В связи с этим мы приостанавливаем работу с Российским рублем и гражданами Российской федерации и Республики Беларусь.

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Technical works 14.06.21


Dear customers! Today, at 1:00 (UTC), the payment gateway will be serviced in the areas of cryptocurrency exchange (except for ETC) and stablecoins. The updаte will take about 2 hours, so please refrain from creating requests for these directions during this time period, because the…

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We remind you about the peculiarities of fixing the exchange rate when exchanging cryptocurrencies!


Dear customers! Due to the high volatility of cryptocurrency exchange rates, please CAREFULLY study the conditions for fixing the rate before creating an application for the exchange of cryptocurrency! To monitor the movements of the exchange rate, use the exchange chart in the minute…

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Happy new year! The operator's work schedule is 31.12 and 01.01.


Team Happy New Year to you! The year 2020 was different, there were ups and downs for us as a service, but together with you, we overcome all the difficulties and move on to 2021. We wish each of our clients financial stability, family…

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Precautions when withdrawing funds from cryptocurrency


Dear customers! Recently, we received several messages from customers that they paid for an application not to the address that we specify when generating for cryptocurrency. We want to clarify the situation and recommend measures for additional security of payments. We assume that the clients…

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