Get up to $150 for a reviews on BestChange – every week!

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Dear users of our service!

From 03.08.21, The promotion “$150 for a reviews on BestChange” – comes into force!


Terms of the promotion:

For the positive feedback left by the participants of the draw about our work during the week on the BestChange resource, we can draw from $10 to $150.

Unlike the previous promotion ($10 for a review on BestChange), we have introduced the concept of a “block”, which must be filled in to conduct the draw and sеlect participants. There are 5 blocks in total, of which 1-4 have a dimension of up to 10 cells and the 5th block has an infinite size. The cells are filled with the numbers of applications that took part in the promotion.

The order of filling takes place on the day of the draw from newer to older ones (the chances are higher for those participants who left reviews earlier, but the probability of not filling the block also increases, so we recommend leaving reviews more than one day).

As the Order ID are filled in, they will fall into blocks,

Each block has its own “price”:

  • In the first one, 1 winner will be selected ($10),
  • There are 2 winners in the second block ($10×2),
  • In the third, 3 winners ($10×3),
  • In the fourth, 4 winners ($10×4),
  • In the fifth block, 5 winners are selected ($10×5).

In a block that has not been filled in or has not collected 10 participants (except for the first one) – 1 winner will be selected 10$ .

Important! The peculiarity of the 5th block is its infinite size and it will be expanded to the full number of participants of the action according to the order of entry.

Example of filling in blocks:

The drawing will be held EVERY SUNDAY(after 22:00 in Kiev) using the service

Immediately before the draw: blocks (table of participants), and after, a video report will be published on our official Telegram channel.


How do I become a participant of the promotion?

You need to subscribe to our Telegram channel-link;

  • Make an exchange for an amount of $10 or more;
  • Follow the link, sеlect " Add feedback ",
  • in the Name field, enter your name,
  • in the email field – your active email,
  • in the field “Feedback” – your positive impression of our work,
  • in the “Order number” field (Important! if you do not specify it as necessary, then you will not be able to participate) specify the English letter A and the exchange ID on our website – for example, A700007.
  • in the field " type of feedback " – " Positive ".


4. Confirm your review with a link that BestChange will send to confirm the publication of the review. If you did everything right, congratulations – you are a participant of the action!

Did you win? What to do?

If you win, you must contact our express@receive-money email from the mail with which the exchange was made and it is desirable to specify in the subject of the letter the exchange number that won,the text is in free form, for example: I ask you to transfer my winnings to my (Perfect Money USD or Payeer USD) U or P-wallet.»

The terms of receiving the winnings are limited! The meaning of the promotion is in the manifestation of constant activity and not banal cheating of reviews, and if the winner of the draw did not contact us to receive the winnings after 72 hours from the time of the draw, the funds will not be paid! The draw is not held if: If the first block is not filled, its participants automatically become participants of the draw for the next week or until at least the first block is filled to sеlect the winner.


  • Write more than 5 reviews a day! In case of violation, reviews over the limit will not be included in the block;
  • Write reviews for the same exchange;
  • Write the same type of reviews, copy someone else’s, publish slander or insults, etc.;
  • To participate to residents of “List of banned countries” (see the menu “Rules – List of banned countries;).

Violation of the rules of the promotion may lead to the cancellation of the results of the draw! Therefore, we ask you not to violate them!


Good luck!

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