1.1. RECEIVE-MONEY.BIZ is a semi-automatic service located on the Internet at https://receive-money.biz and offering its services through a special software interface for all Users (hereinafter referred to as the Service).

1.2. A user is any natural or legal person who has agreed with all the conditions offered by the Service and has acceded to this agreement.

1.3. Electronic units (title units) – accounting units of the relevant electronic settlement systems, denoting a certain amount of rights of claim or other rights arising from the agreement of electronic settlement systems with their users.

1.4. An electronic settlement systеm (payment systеm) is a software and hardware product developed by a third party and is a systеm for implementing the accounting of electronic units, as well as organizing mutual settlements between its users.

1.5. Payment is the transfer of electronic units from the payer to the recipient.

1.6. Operation (Application) – information submitted by the User using the means of the Service in electronic form, indicating his intention to use the services of the Service on the terms proposed by the Service and specified in the parameters of the application.


2.1. This agreement governs the relationship between the User and the Service regarding the services provided by the Service to the User and cancels all previous agreements between the Service and the User on this subject.

2.2. This agreement does not cancel the current legislation of the countries of registration and location of the Service and the User, as well as the contractual relationship between the User and the Electronic Settlement systеm (systems).

2.3. This agreement is considered accepted on the terms of a public offer accepted by the User during the submission of the Application, which is an integral part of this agreement.

2.3.1. The information displayed by the Service about the parameters and conditions of the Application is recognized as a public offer.

2.3.2. The acceptance of a public offer is recognized as the User’s actions to complete the formation of the Application, confirming his intention to make a deal with the Service on the terms proposed by the Service immediately before the completion of the formation of the Application.

2.3.3. The date and time of acceptance, as well as the parameters of the conditions of the Application are fixed by the Service automatically at the moment the formation of the Application is completed.

2.3.4. The period of acceptance of the offer by the User to make a transaction with the Service on the terms described in the User’s Application is 40 minutes from the moment the Application is completed.

2.4. This agreement comes into effect from the moment the User completes the formation of the Application.

2.5. This agreement terminates from the moment the details provided by the User receive Electronic Units in the amount provided for by the parameters of the User’s Application, or from the moment the application is cancelled.

2.6. The parties recognize this electronic agreement as equivalent in legal force to an agreement concluded in writing.

2.7. The Service reserves the right to unilaterally make changes to this agreement without a corresponding notice to the User, but with the obligatory publication of the current version of the agreement on this page.


3.1. Using the technical means of the Service by submitting an Application, the User instructs, and the Service, on its own behalf and at the expense of the User, performs, for a fee, actions to accept and further transfer the amount of Electronic Units declared by the User to a person or persons wishing to purchase them for a monetary equivalent in an amount not lower than provided in the parameters of the Application submitted by the User, as well as the actions to transfer the monetary equivalent in the amount specified in the application parameters to the details specified by the User.

3.2. Any positive difference resulting from the actions described in paragraph 3.1 of this agreement, as an additional benefit, is transferred to the Service as a premium payment for commission services.


4.1. Processing of User Applications is carried out by the Service in strict accordance with the privacy policy (clause 5 of this agreement