Get CASH for reviewing on BestChange!


Dear users of our service!

Since 09.01.23 on an ongoing basis, we have been raffling bonuses for the reviews left by BestChange!


For the reviews left during the week, a fund is formed on the BestChange resource, which depends on the number of reviews and the established coefficient of the weekly multiplier. 21 participants can win the game, while the amount of winnings varies according to special calculations in the table. During the participation, it is important to observe all the necessary conditions so as not to lose the opportunity to participate. The whole drawing process will be public, the winnings will be sent to the winners immediately.

The mechanics of the draw:

1. A list is formed from the application numbers that were specified when the review was published;

2. The list is entered into the randomizer, their order is mixed;

3. Fill in the blocks according to the sequence number from the list.

Game progress:

In total, we have created 5 blocks, of which 1-4 are up to 5 cells in size.

Block "M", - places 5 winners,

Block "O", - 4 winners

Block "N", - 3 winners

Block "E", - 2 winners

Block "Y", - 1 winner

Pay attention! One participant can get into several blocks, and if he wins them, the amount of winnings will be summed up!


The drawing will be held WEEKLY in LIVE on our YOUTUBE channel using the service .

The announcement of the draw will be published on our official Telegram channel!



Now, in more detail, how to become a participant of the promotion?

To follow the progress of the draw, you need to subscribe to our Telegram channel - link , to our YouTube channel: ,

  • Make an exchange for an amount of $ 10 or more;
  • Follow the link , or  (for the English version of the site), sеlect "Add a review",
  • in the Name field, enter your name,
  • in the email field - your active email,
  • in the "Review" field - your positive impression of our work,
  • in the "Exchange number" field (Important! if you do not specify as needed, then you will not be able to participate) specify the English letter Aand the exchange ID on our website - for example, A1000777.
  • in the field "type of review" - "Positive".


4. Confirm your review with a link that BestChange will send to confirm the publication of the review. If you did everything right, congratulations - you are a participant of the action!

Did you win? What to do?

If you win, you should contact our youtube@receive-money from the mail with which the exchange was made and it is desirable to indicate in the subject of the letter "I won", the text of the letter is in free form, specify where you would like to receive money, for example: "I ask you to transfer my winnings to my account.»

Available payment methods: Payeer USD, Perfect Money USD.

The time for receiving winnings is limited! The meaning of the action is in the manifestation of constant activity and not banal cheating of reviews. If the winner does not contact us to receive his winnings after 72 hours from the date of the draw, the funds will not be paid! Also, the drawing is not carried out if the first block is not filled. Participants of the failed draw automatically become participants of the draw for the next week.

Force majeure:

If it is impossible to hold the drawing at the specified time, the site administration has the right to postpone its holding to another day without changing the list of participants for a week.


  • Write more than 10 reviews a day!
  • Write reviews for the same exchange;
  • Write the same type of reviews, copy someone else's;
  • To participate to residents of "Prohibited countries" (see the menu "Rules"-"List of banned countries»).

Violation of the promotion rules may lead to the exclusion of a participant from the list! Therefore, we ask you not to violate them!


Good luck!