Digest #1. Verification – Quick and easy!

Dear friends!

Today's digest is dedicated to the introduction of mandatory identity verification for fiat exchanges from bank cards.

Some users are wary of this and ask us the same questions:

Why do we need your data?

Are we going to provide them to the authorities?

Do we transfer registration data to the military registration and enlistment office?

Can we take credits for your data?

Today we will try to answer them.

Identity verification, often referred to as KYC (know your customer) verification, is becoming a common defense against fraud.

Fraud is, in short, an unauthorized operation by the cardholder.

For example, when a scammer on OLX or even on Instagram (or other platforms) sells a “good”, for example, an Iphone 14 Pro Max for 10 thousand hryvnias, his victim “bites” at the price, makes an order.

The fraudster contacts the “client”, provides the details of the exchanger for payment (often this is a link or card details), the “client” pays, waits for his miracle Iphone for 10k, of course, he doesn’t receive anything for a day or a week, and he hurriedly runs to the bank to write a complaint against us (as the final recipient of money), and meanwhile the scammer disappears along with the cryptocurrency and creates another scheme of deception.

So, identity verification is the ability to filter out such traffic.

And now let's move on to the myths.

Do we share your data with anyone?

- We store information in encrypted form. The transfer of data to third parties (such as payment systems, exchanges, banks and also the police) is possible only on well-reasoned grounds, if the client is involved in fraudulent schemes and his identity is established for further proceedings.

Would you classify yourself in this category, most likely not, and therefore you are not afraid of anything.

We insure ourselves against the "black" traffic to provide you with services without stopping, because often due to such cases as described above, there are service disconnections for us as well as fines in the form of chargebacks.

We hope that you can automatically answer other questions based on the information above.

By the way, as you may have noticed, the verification page is a little "crooked"; - this is temporary, our developers are already working on a completely new interface for your personal account! It will be very convenient soon! We apologize for the inconvenience!

Also, as a bonus, we want to tell the citizens of Ukraine how to pass verification as quickly as possible.

If you have Monobank, or other mobile banking that can upload a card account statement, use this method as confirmation of the address. It's the fastest and easiest! As a result, you only need: a document, a selfie with a document and an account statement. Profit!

And we will check your data during business hours in no more than an hour, and then, all roads are open for you! 24/7


Thank you!

The editors of Receive-Money tried for you!