New regulations for hryvnia cards!

Dear Clients!
As you may have noticed, recently the directions of exchange for cards in hryvnia worked in the so-called "fan" mode and the terms for crediting funds could sometimes reach a day, which was not very convenient when funds were needed in a short time.
We would like to bring to your attention the new regulations for the work of destinations: The exchange for cards in hryvnia will be carried out daily, we will announce the time of inclusion of directions in our telegram channel, so we recommend subscribing to it so as not to miss the latest news about the service!
Funding deadline:
- on weekdays: 5-60 minutes,
- on weekends: 5-180 minutes.
No one is immune from force majeure, therefore, in cases of receiving information about delays, we will notify you about this on our website, on the page for creating an application!
No 3 days of enrollment!
It's always faster with us!