The affiliate program is a type of earnings for registered users in the form of partner contributions from customer exchanges that came to us from you via a referral link. Read the rules below.

1. To participate in the affiliate program, it is enough to register on our website.

2. A special link will be placed in your profile (Partner Account), which you can advertise.

3. Affiliate program marketing is listed below:

Depending on the total amount of exchanges of your referrals, the affiliate percentage will change according to the table:

Level Total amount of referral exchanges Your profit
1 $0 5%
2 $500 7%
3 $1000 10%
4 $5000 15%
5 $10000 20%
6 $25000 25%
7 $50000 30%

4. The withdrawal of affiliate profits is made every day, the minimum amount for withdrawal is $ 5,00.

Example: Let’s say your partner percentage is 5%, and your referral bought 1,000.00 USD from us for VISA /MC UAH at the rate of 25 UAH, and the official exchange rate from UAH to USD according to the NBU is 24.5 UAH, it turns out that we earned 500 UAH, 25 UAH of which is your profit.

The number of referrals is not limited, you can have dozens of referrals in your structure that will regularly conduct exchange operations, bringing you passive income available for withdrawal any day.