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Верифицируем ваши карты быстро! Проверяем заявки на верификацию в течении 1-30 минут с момента подачи (с 09:00 до 22:00 по Киеву).

После прохождения верификации карты вы сможете проводить операции без каких либо неудобств с проверками.

Dear customers!

Due to the high volatility of cryptocurrency exchange rates, please CAREFULLY read the conditions for fixing the exchange rate when creating an application for an exchange from cryptocurrency to any other system!

To monitor the movement of the exchange rate, please use the Binance exchange chart in a minute timeframe. Remember, as part of the application, our commission does not change from the beginning to the end of the exchange, only the exchange rate that we receive from the exchange at the time of creation and at the time of payment (after receiving the required number of confirmations) changes.

If you have any questions about the logic of calculating the received course, you can always request it through our support by mail we are for honest work and long-term partnerships. Your!

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