Precautions when withdrawing funds from cryptocurrency

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Dear customers!

Recently, we received several messages from customers that they paid for an application not to the address that we specify when generating for cryptocurrency. We want to clarify the situation and recommend measures for additional security of payments.

We assume that the clients who got into such a situation went to the wrong address of our exchange or use unlicensed software (or browser add-ons) that fell under the influence of hackers in the form of a virus that replaces all cryptocurrency addresses in browsers.

Safety precautions:

– Make sure that you see our official address in the address bar:

– Check the addresses that you see in the browser (on the payment page) with what comes to you at the email address specified when creating the application (we recommend checking in another browser or device).

– You can always check with the operator in the online chat the address that was generated for you for payment (if you could not check it in another way).

– Use licensed software, professional antivirus programs with a paid subscription, refuse to visit and download questionable programs and files, or use a secure environment (some antivirus programs have this option).

With love and care, your!

Operator online
19.01.2022, 12:29